About MIEM

The Michigan Institute for Educational Management is a 501(c-3) nonprofit corporation founded in 1981 by the Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) and the Michigan School Business Officials (MSBO).

It was established to provide professional development activities for all school personnel; employees of member school districts are eligible for up to a 25% discount on virtually all conference and seminar registration fees. Catch a ride on the MIEM Team! Join The Michigan Institute for Educational Management today!

Our Mission...

To provide professional development activities for educational leaders in the state of Michigan that assist them in designing, planning, and implementing quality programs for all students.

Our Beliefs...

  • We believe knowledgeable, informed, and caring people are essential to providing quality education.
  • We believe that professional development is an investment in people.
  • We believe learning is a life-long process.
  • We believe professional development is necessary to prepare educational leaders to meet the challenges of the future.

Our Programs...

  • Are offered based on research and high yield strategies that are working in real world classrooms, buildings and districts.
  • Are designed to provide current information on the latest educational issues and trends.
  • Are designed by anticipating the needs of educators through ongoing evaluations, assessments, and surveys.

Program Formats...

  • Our programs are offered as one-day workshops or multi-day conferences.
  • MIEM programs are held in a variety of locations around the state.
  • One-day workshops are generally held in 2-4 different geographical locations, offering accessibility for all districts, while conferences are held in urban areas for easy travel plans.
  • State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) are applied for and, pending approval, granted to participants completing all requirements of the State Board of Education.

Content of Programs Include...

  • Curriculum Leadership
  • School Finance
  • Management Skills
  • Leadership Styles
  • Teaching Methods
  • Legal Issues

We cover technical, human and conceptual skills in our programs. 

Major Projects

  • MIEM is an important partner with the Technology Readiness Infrastructure Readiness Grant (TRIG) team. MIEM staff members have been responsible for supporting internal and external communication, coordinating setting up meetings, helping with organization of activities, and collaborating with the primary TRIG Operations Staff on the day-to-day operations to ensure quality and efficiency toward successful outcomes of this important state-wide initiative.


Core Programming

  • Plans and facilitates 15-25 onsite MSBO Certification classes.
  • Offers (6) webinars a year primarily for MSBO Certification classes.
  • Plans and supports the Annual Facilities Conference and works closely with MSBO in providing content.
  • Plans and supports Administrative Support Staff Conference.
  • Works with outside agencies to provide SCECHs to educators.
  • Offers hot topic workshops as needed.
  Workshops Registrations District Memberships
2011-12 113 8,937 495
2012-13 77 5,881 449
2013-14 (3/18/14) 186 7,558 446